Sunday, October 30, 2011

18 Weeks

Today we are 18 weeks pregnant! 

We are very excited for the next 15 days to go by because our anatomy scan is on 11/14 and we get to see our little one again! Fingers crossed for everything to be perfectly healthy and to be able to find out whether we are having a little boy or a little girl!

Week 18

Baby This Week: Baby is about the size of a sweet potato. Measuring about 6 inches from head to rump and weighing about 6 ounces. 

What I am Feeling: I started feeling baby move more often last week. Now if I am sitting at my computer, in a meeting, or at dinner (s)he tip taps all over the place. It is usually if I am sitting forward a little that I feel it the most.  

Milestones This Week: I actually had a few! 
1) I got the call that I passed my gestational diabetes test! Because I am overweight and have PCOS, they asked me to do at 17 weeks and then again later in pregnancy. Normal is between 65 and 135 and I was at 115! 
2) Our sequential screens came back later this week and everything came within normal range! Yay! 
3) Starting to put together our "things to do" list and realizing that within the next few weeks we will be able to start registering and preparing for our baby!

I am feeling like it is getting more and more real by the day.  Being pregnant after a loss is ridiculously scary, but starting to feel some movement makes me feel better. I love the little reminders that (s)he is in there safe and sound.

Miscellany: As of now I have only gained one pound. I am all belly but am eating "ok". I had a hard time eating fruits and veggies at the begging because they would make me feel sick. I am loving salads the most at this point and am just trying to remember to keep eating fruits now too. 

I recently bought a snoogle pillow and I am loving it. I honestly couldn't sleep without it! Guiness is also a really big fan of the pillow:

(it's under the comforter but you can see where he is sleeping in the area I would normally put my legs)

Last weekend Rob and I went to a Jets game with my family. We aren't big football followers but I went to Penn State and absolutely love love love tailgating and football so we had a good time. The only thing I realized is that walking to the stadium, sitting in tiny uncomfortable seats, and walking all the way back to the car was EXHAUSTING. I won't be going to anything like that for awhile. 

(Here we are at the game!)

Hope everyone is doing well! XoxoX

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