Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th Weekend

We had an absolutely fantastic weekend! 

Friday afternoon we left to go camping with some dear friends. I have loads of pictures to share with you!
We actually camped Friday night and Saturday night with a HUGE storm that came through Saturday night. The entire tent got SOAKED inside and out. So waking up Sunday morning was less than lovely and required a quick clean up considering that there was more rain still coming! (ick)

Here are pictures of the good friends, food and times we had!

Eric our Camping Chef!

I <3 those eyes {and him of course}

The guys doing the cooking.

Rob was making his pizza and five-starred my butt with flour!!!

Ellie with our Kabobs!

mmm mmm Good

I look like a mess (that's what no shower in 2 days does to you!)

Garrett's side eye!

We also played a little with my camwow Application! Hahaha. Pretty in pink.

So after we left our amazing camping adventure (we have actually done this for the past ten years except for one year that we missed), we went out to breakfast and said our goodbyes. It was sooo great to see everyone! 

Sunday night when we went to my parents house to pick up my beautiful puppy dog and visit with them.  My dad and sister just returned home from being in Austria for a week. My sister is an amazing Opera singer who was in a competition in Vienna for the week. Unfortunately she did not win, but she's amazing anyway! <3

Then on Monday we spent the fourth of July with my in-loves! Spent the afternoon at the pool with the puppies, had an amazing dinner together, and then enjoyed some fireworks! Here are some pictures from    the fourth of July!

Beautiful NJ Sunset!

Kevin & Freddy!

Guiness' haircut!

Diana and Oscar!

Sunset via instagram (follow me - I'm @ jdarby23)

Gloria and Freddy!

Rob and his Dad setting 'em off!

I hope everyone had a beautiful and safe fourth of July! I certainly did!

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cokaly said...

i'm so sad we couldn't join you guys this weekend! i was even passing through the poconos on the way to the wedding and gave a little forlorn wave in your direction. glad you had fun though! hope to see you soon!