Monday, July 4, 2011

Operation Dog House: Day 4

I have so much to update you all on! We went camping over the weekend and now today we have amazing 4th of July plans with my in-laws. 

But first, I want to tell you about what happened on Thursday of last week; day 4 of Operation Dog House. 


I gave him the new bone in the morning and when we got home, everything was in it's place except for 1 sandal which Guiness didn't even chew! He just moved it to the couch to lay with it (hahaha. ew). 

So we are officially a crate free home right now. 

I am not holding my breath that things will go perfectly next week, but at least now we know that it can be done! 

And of course, Happy 4th of July everyone! 
I hope you are enjoying it with your family and friends!

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Emily @ TheLastWord said...

That's awesome! My dog is three years old and I'm still paranoid to let him roam the house while we're out. We have a gate up that keeps him locked in the kitchen and he knows to go in there when we're getting ready to leave. Maybe someday . . . ha