Saturday, August 27, 2011


Hurricane Irene!

We are now waiting out the storm. It's raining here in New Jersey and it's only supposed to get windier and rainier over the next 12 - 24 hours. Where we live it is very easy to get flooded in to a certain area so we are eagerly anticipating how bad it will really be.  We are most concerned about all of the trees in our backyard.

Please pray that hurricane Irene spares our home and our neighborhood. 

Thanks! Will update tomorrow night and how we are doing!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

5 months?

I seriously cannot believe that it has been 5 months since we lost our baby. 

I was thinking about it the other day and we would currently be 2 months away from giving birth to Maveric. Rob and I have been talking about what we should do on October 15th to remember him, but haven't made any official plans.

What did you ladies out there who have experienced loss do to remember you little angels?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Super Mario Party

I honestly cannot believe how long it has been since I posted. I am SO sorry to all of you readers out there.

Things have been absolutely crazy around here.
We have been trying desperately to do some work around the house and I have been having some random health things going on that needed a little attention
(don't worry - I am ok).

So I wanted to tell you all about my Sister-In-Law's absolutely amazing 25th Birthday Party. She is a lover of Super Mario Kart and decided that she wanted to have a Super Mario Kart themed party. 

My Father-In-Law started only mowing where the obstacle course would be. Everyone had to bring a Kart of some sort, and everyone had to come in costume. Rob and I supplied the cake as Christiane's Birthday present which was OF COURSE decorated by Cinderellie's Sweets

Here are the pictures and a video at the end. I completely forgot my camera so all were taken with my iPhone (sorry!)!

The amazingly fab Birthday Cake!

Rob and I were Mario and Luigi and Guiness was Yoshi! Rob and I made the costume with felt, thread and velcro. It came out really cute and he basically just chilled all afternoon.

My lovely little family!


Rob was getting ready for the party and wanted to check out the obstacle course on his Sister's bike. Guiness was chasing him the entire way around :) 

I promise I will be back sooner rather than later. XoxoX.