Monday, January 31, 2011

Picture Day 5 of 30

A picture of (y)our favorite memory
{sorry - but there are 2 more with this story}

He Proposed. I said YES!

It'll be 4 years on 4/1/11 since Hub*star proposed. 
One of the best days of my life.

Our Engagement Story

After we graduated college, I moved to Connecticut where my parents were living and Rob was living in our home state of NJ with his parents. We were both working full time and would take turns visiting each other every other weekend. Long Distance SUCKS!

He came to visit on March 31st (a Saturday afternoon) - he worked Saturdays which made the whole long distance thing even worse. We really only saw each other Saturday night and Sunday. Saturday night he asked me to go out to our favorite Mexican restaurant in CT. After he parked the car we were about 200 feet away when he stopped me and said he forgot something. He went to the car, fiddled around, and then came back. We went to the restaurant and had an amazing dinner, and alllll night I had these butterflies in my stomach. I just knew he was acting a littttle different. 

We finished our meal and Rob asked if I wanted to go for a walk down Main Street. It was a beautiful night. Once we got to the end of Main Street and were about to turn around, he stopped to tie his shoe (I was HOLDING my BREATH! Could this be IT?!)


He took me home and we got ready to go to bed. He slept in the guest room across the hall and I slept in my bedroom.

The next morning (as he did most mornings he stayed with us), he would quietly come into my room and crawl into my bed to cuddle for a little while. After some time passed, he asked me if I could please tell him what time it was. I thought this was odd because 
1) he was closer to the alarm clock
2) I wasn't wearing my glasses

So I made some snarky comment like, "isn't the alarm clock on your side?" and he said, "please - what time is it?" Well ... I lifted my head up to look at the time and all of a sudden see a beautiful small white box sitting on my alarm clock. 

Whoa. Is. Me. 

I gasped and reached for the box. Opened it and saw this ring:

Ummmm. Not. What. I Wanted. 

Now - in my defense, Rob had bought me jewelry in the past. I ALWAYS told him that I wanted white gold or platinum. I am just not a fan of yellow gold on my skin tone. It's just NOT my favorite. 

So .... I opened the box and Rob asked me if I would marry him. Of course I was screaming with glee and said Yes Yes YES! 

Then ... after a few minutes of staring at the ring .... I said, "what made you choose yellow gold?" He COMPLETELY deflected my answer. Like ... kept asking me if I liked it and what I thought and was I happy and blah blah blah <3  So I decided not to push it thinking that maybe he really wanted our wedding rings to be yellow gold or something ... 

I ran downstairs to tell my parents and my sister right away! I was showing my Mom the ring while she was still laying in bed, and my dad came in and took my hand and started toying with the ring. He was tapping it with his finger nail and kept saying "I think it MUST be fake." By this time - Rob had come into the room too and I just looked at my dad and said, "Daddd ... come on!" 


My Husband. 

He's funny. 

He says, "Actually it cost me $5."

"This is your Engagement Ring."

I was just FLOORED. 
It was like he had read my mind. It was {and always will be} the most beautiful symbol I have ever seen.  

We laughed. We cried.

And our lives changed forever. 
{p.s. My dad was in on it}

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Picture Day 4 of 30

A picture of your night

Sunday nights are lazy nights in my house. Laundry is done for the week, groceries are prepared and dinner has been had. Here are a few pictures from this evening.

Guiness lounging on the couch.

Mmmmmm.... Chicken with Tomato Sauce and Spaghetti Squash. I added a touch of sea salt.

It was delicious. 

I <3 Spaghetti Squash when I can't have brown rice pasta!


I *heart* the gym!

Today was the second day in a row that I went to the gym. I got the go*ahead for the gym and was actually so excited! {never thought I would say THAT}

I haven't been going to the gym at all because my nutritionist wanted me to focus on the food part of my weight loss and now four months later, 40 pounds down, I am able to start to incorporate exercise back into my life. 

Well ... ladies and gentlemen ... I am Happy!

I did the elliptical for 30 minutes plus some weight training and then did 10 minutes on the treadmill today with 40 minutes of weight training/abs.  I feel great.

Here's hoping to losing another 40 pounds! 


Saturday, January 29, 2011


I joined! <3

Weekday Recap {In BBerry Pictures}

I am a follower of Amy at

and she does this great thing every week where she recaps what she did using pictures from her iPhone. Now I don't have an iPhone, but I do have a Bberry and I tried to take a bunch of pictures this week. It wasn't a very exciting week - but alas, I will share :) 

Monday: Guiness lounging on the couch with us as usual. T.V. Time!

I was able to go to work late on Tuesday morning because I had to take my little fur*baby to the surgeon for his 2 week check up. He is doing good so far but still quite a mess. She said to keep him in his shirt for the next two weeks and we will meet again. He is so funny about these shirts. I hardly ever make him wear shirts, but after surgeries ... I have to! They calm him down like nothing else. He just doesn't even want to move when he is in them! So I use it. And he hates it.
{P.S. Please don't judge that he is sitting in my lap. We have gone through 4 knee surgeries and my dog just kicks and digs when I put him in his travel crate ... we can't let him do that anymore. Believe me - I have tried everything else}

Wednesday was the night that the snowstorm came to the NorthEast. We were watching t.v. in bed and let Guiness eat his pig ear while we were getting ready. He would NOT stop with the Pig Ear and when we took it away, he tried to run after it {thankfully - still leashed to the bed} well - we ended up having to take away the Pig Ear and put him in his crate so that he would go to sleep and let us sleep without hearing his crunching all night. Poor dude.

Thursday: SNOW! While I wish that I could tell you I had a snow day ... we did not. Guiness was so excited about all the snow. It is so funny how he just comes outside and has to climb on the snowbanks! Rob calls him our furry moutain goat in the Winter. He just LOVES it. {of course we don't let him do this after surgery}

Friday: Loooong Day! I worked late and then my mom needed me to go to Wegman's with her for some items that she needs as she started working with my nutritionist today! She is on a very different plan and needed different foods, so she had to go some different things. We let Guiness walk around shirtless for a little while and then my mom and I went to making what we call her 'witches brew'. It's this broth made of all these crazy veggies: White radish, parsnips, kale, celery, carrots, onion, garlic, cabbage, and SEAWEED. 

I didn't take any pictures of the pots with my cell so I will have to post all about it later :) I took a few pictures this week with my camera and I want to share.

My friend Anna posted about her 2011 goals and included a book about photography for her Canon Rebel. I don't have a Canon Rebel but I have a really awesome Canon Powershot (at least I like it) and I thought that before I go buying a DSLR I would have to learn to use - why not learn to use this one! So I bought a similar book - one for my Canon Powershot! Thanks Anna*Belle!

Hope everyone had a great week! Don't forget to Link Up with Amy to do your weekday recap

Picture Day 3 of 30

A picture of the cast from your favorite show

Funniest Show Ever!
Ummm .... nuff said!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Thank Goodness It's Friday

I had such a long day today. Work was just a mess and then I had to go to the grocery store with my Mom and it is now 10 p.m. and all I can think about is going to bed. What a Friday night! 

Tomorrow I start at my new gym and I am uber excited! I will let you know how it goes!

In the meantime - I found this on The Little Things We Do Blog and thought it was something interesting I could blog about tonight!

1.   If my house was on fire and I could only grab 3 things I would grab: My puppy, my macbook, and my cell phone!

2.  A smell I really like is: Coffee with french vanilla creamer. My boss uses it every morning in her coffee and even though I don't drink it - I just LOVE the smell.

3.  Something you might not know about me is:  I used to sing in the church choir. And loved it.

4.  Some of my favorite websites to putter about on are:  Facebook {duh}, Twitter, TCOYF, People!

5.  This weekend I will:  be going to the gym, resting, having dinner with my husband, parents and two amazing friends! 

6. Nothing makes me happier than: Getting to roll over in the morning {usually on a weekend morning} and sleeping in/cuddling with my husband. I <3 nesting myself into his side!

7.  A bad habit I have is:  interrupting. I know. It's awful. I don't mean to do it and I always stop myself after about 1 word comes out, but when my mind starts thinking, I just want to let it out! I am always apologizing for this! 

Have an amazing weekend all!

Picture Day 2 of 30

A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest

Meet my bestie! Literally - longest long-time friend EVER! 
We have been soul mates since the first grade! 21 years now! 
This is a picture of us at my wedding 3 years ago - she was one of my fabulous bridesmaids! 
<3 you Sarah!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Picture Day 1 of 30

Day 1: Picture of yourself with 10 facts! 

1) I was at Madame Tuessaud's Las Vegas visiting some celebrities with my hub*star
2) My husband has 9 toes
3) I love my dog. I wish I could take the pain for him
4) I wish I were a better photographer
5)  I dream about the day I become a mother
6) I graduated from Pennsylvania State University and <3 Joe Pa
7) I have 1 sister by blood and 4 by marriage
8) I have no blood related Uncles. My father has 7 sisters and mother has 4!
9) I <3 Arugula and Baby Spinach
10) I've lost 50 pounds and want to lose another 50. AND I know I can do it!

30 Days of Pictures

I found this list on Shelly's Blog and just think it is such a cool idea! So I am going for it! 

Day 01 – A picture of yourself with ten facts
Day 02 – A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest
Day 03 – A picture of the cast from your favorite show
Day 04 – A picture of your night
Day 05 – A picture of your favorite memory
Day 06 – A picture of a person you’d love to trade places with for a day
Day 07 – A picture of your most treasured item
Day 08 – A picture that makes you laugh
Day 09 – A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most
Day 10 – A picture of the person you do the most ****** up things with
Day 11 – A picture of something you hate
Day 12 – A picture of something you love
Day 13 – A picture of your favorite band or artist
Day 14 – A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without
Day 15 – A picture of something you want to do before you die
Day 16 – A picture of someone who inspires you
Day 17 – A picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life recently
Day 18 – A picture of your biggest insecurity
Day 19 – A picture and a letter
Day 20 – A picture of somewhere you’d love to travel
Day 21 – A picture of something you wish you could forget
Day 22 – A picture of something you wish you were better at
Day 23 – A picture of your favorite book
Day 24 – A picture of something you wish you could change
Day 25 – A picture of your day
Day 26 – A picture of something that means a lot to you
Day 27 – A picture of yourself and a family member
Day 28 – A picture of something you’re afraid of
Day 29 – A picture that can always make you smile
Day 30 – A picture of someone you miss

Day 1 starts now!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Wee Bit of Me Wednesday

I am going to start this a wee bit of me wednesday tradition with Miss Leigh Ashley

{one} how tall are you?
I am ALMOST 5'7"

{two} besides bills, what do you spend most of your money on?
My nutritionist costs a pretty penny so most of my money is going to that. Well worth it I say!

{three} what are your three favorite websites?
Definitely Etsy, Facebook and The Bump.

{four} what brand of tennis shoes do you prefer?
New Balance. Definitely New Balance.

{five} what food can you absolutely not stand to eat?
hmmm... the squid that still has it's legs. eewwwww

{six} How many pairs of jeans do you own?
I have about 7 or 8. I have 4 favorites that are my 'staple jeans' and then a few other pairs that were given to me by a co-worker. I don't fit into those yet - but REALLLY close

{seven} if you could have any job, what would it be?
An actress. I would love to be able to play different characters!

{eight} have you ever ridden in an ambulance?
Yes. In college. I was hit by a drunk driver and my friend was on the gurney while I was in the front Passenger seat. My mom and dad were also in a separate ambulance. I plan to write a longer post about this later. 

{nine} how many pillows do you sleep with?
One. I really only use one pillow - otherwise it hurts my neck!

{ten} on a scale of 1-5, how organized are you?
I would say a 4. There is always room for improvement, but I am pretty organized :)

Thanks for reading my Wee bit of Me Wednesday! <3

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

PowerShot Vs Rebel

So I am the owner of a Canon Powershot S3 IS. It is a really nice camera that my husband bought for me before we were even engaged (it was a christmas, birthday, dating anniversary gift). <3 

However .... I hate to say this ... After trying to use it on manual and practice apertures and things - I can't seem to take the kind of pictures I want to take with it. I am not sure if it is user error or if it is just that my camera is not capable of the things I want it to do.  I am thinking about asking for a DSLR for Christmas this year - a Canon Rebel looks amazing! 

What kind of camera do you use? Any tips on making sure I am using it to its full potential?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Boring Chicken ... I say NOT!

One of the main staples of my diet is chicken (with some turkey, beef and fish mixed in there)! Chicken can certainly get very boring. Soooo ... last night I had a pineapple that was close to going bad and I wanted to do something different to my chicken! 

So I melted some butter in my wok, seared the chicken and added the pineapple! 


And then I added some amazing arugula and baby spinach. Mmmmmm.... this was definitely a big hit in my household last night! 

And tonight - we are just relaxing watching t.v. together. My little pup has his first follow up appointment tomorrow morning so we are hoping today will have been the last day he had to wear that awful cone.  I will definitely let you know! 


Sunday, January 23, 2011


I was playing with some different looks for my blog (just for fun) and went to post the new header but it is SO fuzzy! Turns out google is having a horrible issue with this. Will have my header back once it is fixed!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Closer to 30!

My birthday was this past Thursday!

We mostly celebrated with cake and a beautiful dinner last weekend since I started detoxing with my nutrition again on Wednesday. I think it is so interesting because so many people at the office were saying, "O.M.G. you aren't going to have cake on your birthday?!" but I am so past the stage in my life where food is my crutch, and I have to say - that is the thing I am most thankful for on this birthday.  

It all started last September. Rob and I had started talking about expanding our family. I knew that before that to happen, I had to lose weight. I had met with my gynecologist after joining Weight Watchers and a gym, and she told me that I had to lose 50 pounds or else any pregnancy would immediately be considered 'high risk'. She told me that if I walked 2 miles, 5 days a week and followed Weight Watchers, she anticipated the weight would come off in 6 months. 

Of course - after hearing this, I was totally motivated. I walked when it was nice, went to the gym when it wasn't, and followed Weight Watchers religiously. It look nearly a year for me to lose ten pounds.... TENNNN pounds?!

Finally the following August I decided to go back to my regular doctor and discuss options with her. I was going to the gym for 4+ hours a week and eating hardly anything, but the weight would just NOT budge. My doctor told me she had met a woman that morning that came to see her - a nutritionist with a comprehensive (and natural) approach to weight loss.

My first appointment was in September 2010 - I wasn't getting my periods, was obese and just downright exhausted. 

Today, a little over 4 months later, I am 48 pounds down (total), getting regular periods, and have SO much more energy. My mood is so much more stable - it's amaaaazing how b*tchy I would get when I was hungry!

This birthday is truly .... a happy one. 

My Sister, My God*parents, and I last Summer after losing ten pounds on Weight Watchers. 

This was during October. I had lost approximately 25 pounds

We went to Las Vegas in November for our 3rd Anniversary and I was down 43 pounds total at this point. I just can't believe that it's the same person as last year! 

Outside of the Lion Habitat at our hotel, The Mirage!

Outside of Cirque Du Soleil. We didn't get to see it (tickets are SO expensive) but Rob's sister is OBSESSED with the show and so we had to take a picture in front of it!

And this last picture was from New Year's Eve, I know that you can't see much of me - I don't have many 'after' photos because I am still working hard to get my weight down - but you can see in my face that it's still coming off. I was down 45 in this picture. 

As I continue to lose weight and enjoy this new life I have made, I will be sure to share with you some of my favorite recipes and meals.  

No more of that processed stuff and NO GLUTEN. I NEVER knew that I had an intolerance to Gluten, until I saw the effects that removing Gluten from my diet had on my weight and health. I am just amazed at how good God is and how healthy I feel!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dress Preserves

Very random, but I have been thinking about getting my wedding dress preserved. I know this is something that a lot of people probably took care of shortly after their wedding, however, I am not one of those people.

We have been married for 3 years and 2 months. I literally JUST started asking around for prices on preserving my wedding dress. The quote that I got from our favorite local dry cleaners was $180. 

Does this sound outrageous? or totally reasonable? 

Has anyone preserved their wedding dress and been unhappy about it? 

This is a picture of us on our wedding day.

*Thankfully - I have lost 50 pounds since this picture. 
I will talk more about that in a future post.