Our TTC Journey

In April of 2010, Rob and I decided that we were ready to be parents. 

We decided that we would go off the pill and put the possibility of conception in God's hands. However, quickly I realized that I was not getting regular periods on my own. 

I decided that I should work with a nutritionist to help me with my weight and my cycles. This was in September 2010. 

After losing nearly 50 pounds and having 3 regular cycles using chasteberry (aka vitex), we conceived our first child. After 9 weeks and 2 days, we lost our baby whom we named Maveric. 

You can read more about our little sweetpea here.

Now over six months later, we are pregnant with our second child. We are due on April 1st, 2012! The fifth anniversary of Rob's proposal!

We were lucky enough to welcome Amelia Collette in March 2012. She is perfect in every way and I am loving every minute of this new journey.

Thank you for joining me!