Tuesday, June 21, 2011

They're Here!

I was just letting little man out to use the backyard and noticed SOOO many fireflies!

I tried to take a video of them all going off at different times, but unfortunately it was just too dark and didn't come out the way I hoped it would. 

On a separate note, I forgot to tell you all about my weekend (silly me)! 

We had a good weekend except for feeling super sick. I had to work on Saturday for a work function but it was a family festivity so Rob came and helped all day and then my parents came for the afternoon. 

I work in a Manufacturing facility so protective equipment required :)

It was a fun day even though I was absolutely miserable and suffered through my head cold all day.

Sunday was just spent recovering. Rob started to feel sick, I hurt my ear blowing my nose and it was just a mess. That's when I decided that going to the Doctor's yesterday was essential. 
Oh ear infections. How I loathe thee!


marilyn said...

I love fireflies. I went o New York in the summers and i loved all the fireflies.:)
I hope you feel better.

Heather said...

Hello from ICLW-
Looks like you had a great weekend. I LOVE fireflies!

Dragon's Blossom said...

Visiting from ICLW! I just started noticing the fireflies the other night too! Your puppy is so cute! I was sorry to hear of your loss. I hope you feel better soon and I look forward to following your blog.

Aramelle said...

I haven't seen a firefly is many years. They were always one of my favorite parts of summer.

So sorry that you're not feeling well. I hope you both get to feeling better very quickly.

Visiting from ICLW. :)
Aramelle @ One Wheeler's World

Ordinary Girl said...

The fireflies have arrived here too and I always love it. They make nighttime seem more romantic somehow. Also, I have to tell you that your puppy is ADORABLE!


Lins said...

Hello from ICLW! I have never seen a firefly in real life, that must be so cool. Sorry that you and the other half are not feeling well. Hope you get better soon!!

Heather said...

hello from ICLW - love the outfits! hope you get better soon.

C said...

Visiting from ICLW

Glad you had a nice weekend and hope you are feeling better!

Yay for fireflies!

mag said...

Hi there - stopping by from ICLW #80.

What a cute pup you have! We have two dogs and they mean the world to me. I'm sorry to hear about your recent loss :( Hoping some brighter things are on the horizon for you. I'll be following you along in your journey. Hope the ear infections go away soon - they are the worst!!!

Kristin said...

Aren't fireflies fabulous?

I hope y'all feel better really soon.

ICLW #10

Jackie said...

Ugh I'm all too familiar with respiratory and ear infections - I'm super prone to them myself. Hopefully you're able to take it easy and kick this cold!
Glad you had a good weekend in spite of it though :) Happy ICLW!