Tuesday, September 27, 2011

7 weeks

Today I am 7 weeks pregnant with Taddy.

This has been an amazing week.

Monday morning I went in to get my last set of betas drawn. The number was 14,566 which meant that the number definitely doubled within the 72 hour time frame! 

I had my ultrasound on Monday night. Robert and I were so anxious and hopeful that this would be different and thankfully, it was. 

We saw Taddy. With a beautiful, strong heartbeat. The sac was perfect and measured EXACTLY 6w1d. Taddy's heartbeat was the most beautiful sound we had ever heard at 117 beats per minute it was even stronger than the technician expected. 

Rob and I were so blown away and are soooo excited. We immediately texted our parents with a picture of Taddy saying, "Hi Grandma and Grandpa. I have a heartbeat!"

Now we are just holding our breath till our next ultrasound appointment on August 27th where I will be nearly 9 weeks. 

*fingers crossed for a healthy sticky baby*

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marilyn said...

isn't that just amazing!!! us IVF and IUI couples are really lucky. NOn Infertiles do not get to see their babies until 12 weeks!

Congrats..and I keep my fingers crossed for a smooth pregnancy!