Tuesday, January 3, 2012

27 Weeks!

Baby This Week: Little girl is still about the size of an eggplant! Measuring 13.5 - 15 inches and weighing between 1.5 - 2.5 pounds! *I think that she is larger than this as she was in the 87th percentile the last time I had an ultrasound (about a week and a half ago).*

What I am Feeling: Much more consistent kicks but usually pretty low. She sometimes kicks up high but it isn't nearly as consistent. I think she prefers to have her head up.  It is absolutely hysterical when I am on my laptop and she kicks it from underneath :) I love it. Watching my belly move is so magical!

Milestones This Week:
1) My parents came over on New Year's Eve and helped Rob to move furniture from the Guest Room (future nursery) into the office. We still want our full size bed available in case we have guests, so we have just consolidated the furniture of both rooms into the one office. It's tight but it works. Now that her room is empty, we can actually start getting it ready for her!
2) Hiccups! I love baby hiccups - they tickle so much when she hits my side, and I love it. 

Miscellany: I am doing really well. Still somewhat comfortable, sleep is getting difficult (it just hurts my hips a bit), but just feeling anxious. I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes last week. I really thought that I would be fine, but it seems that I wasn't going to get through this pregnancy without a complication. However, I have been able to manage it so far with just diet! I see the High Risk doctor next week and then she can tell me whether or not I need insulin (fingers crossed I don't). 

Well here is my 27 week belly pic (actually 27w, 3 days). I am feeling huge but as long as she is growing normally, that's all I care about. I still don't have any new stretch marks, but I am starting to wonder how big I am going to get! I had a run-in with a woman the other day who told me like I looked like I could deliver "any minute" and that she can't believe I have to wait till April 1. Oy. I can't believe that people are so quick to say things like that!! The last thing I wanted to hear was how huge I look. Blah. 

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