Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Amazing People.

I wanted to write today about some amazing people in our life that have helped us through these awful days. Saying thank you is just not enough. 

Our parents, our friends, our families. 
We couldn't have survived the last five days without you.

We had some amazing packages arrive yesterday. 

My In Loves showed up with delicious food, flowers and cake. The cake was actually from the same place that our wedding cake was made. 

It's a family tradition that these cakes are present for practically every special occasion. And OH MY are they delicious. Thank you both!

My dear friends Eric and Ellie brought us flowers too. They also put together a little care package filled with goodies for us and for Guiness. There were little easter eggs with cute notes like, "we love you", "relax", "everything happens for a reason." There were chocolates, candles and tea. 

My friend Ellie is SO creative and she has her grand opening of her business "Cinderellie's Sweets" on April 9th! She is amazing (and Eric is pretty cool too). Feel free to follow her on facebook! Her creations are not only delicious but gorgeous too!

Here is a picture of the package they put together.

I am also ever so thankful for this little guy too.

He doesn't like the flash of my camera very much.

But he does love my cereal. Mmmm Fruit Loops.

He made sure to get it off my fingers too. XoxoX.

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Connie B. said...

It looks like you have great friends. Thinking of you as I go through my day. Prayers always.
Your dad gave great directions on getting us home. He should have a blog.