Friday, April 8, 2011

Fabulous Friday!

What's Fabulous this Friday you ask?!

- Little Fockers: We are going to watch this tonight and I am so excited. I have heard lots of good reviews about it so I am really excited. 

- Sleeping in Saturday Morning!

- A day closer to seeing many of my dear friends tomorrow at one of my dearest friend's Grand Opening celebration! See Ellie's Facebook Page here!

- This Friday will be 4 weeks since we found out that Maveric was gone. While it isn't fabulous that he is gone, it is fabulous that I am surviving and Rob and I are closer than we ever have been before. Guess it's a bittersweet fabulous, but I am trying to be positive here!

Wanna share what's fabulous this Friday? Link up!


Connie B. said...

So glad to hear you all are doing better. "You all", I guess Danielle and Kyle have left their mark on us here. Have a great fabulous Friday, we are going grocery shopping. That's retirement!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking up again! Yay for sleep. :)

Meg said...

Happy Fab Friday!

Yay for sleeping in, isn't it just the best!

I am sorry to hear about the passing of your baby--so sad. I'm praying for you guys!