Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Funday!

We had a great weekend. I can't believe that it is already over. 

Yesterday we woke up late, and then my friend Sarah picked me up and we went shopping. I found some very cute shoes at Target and had a great time catching up! Then Hubs, Me & the Pup went to my Parent's house for a Final Four party at our neighbors. Good food, fun and more catching up. 

Today has been even more low key. Grocery shopping, hit up Home Goods for a new garbage can and now cleaning the house and watching t.v. I am watching Yes Man right now and I just LOVE this movie! 

"We've got a fainter in Head Removal"

I also gave the little puppy a bath today. Some of the pictures came up quite blurry - but they are still very very cute! 


This is his "please no" face


"I love you - please don't make me take a bath"


"I'm ready to come out now!"

Hahahaha. He hates taking a bath but he is very good while he is in there! 

Such a cute fur*baby we've got!

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Connie B. said...

What a cute little guy. He's so good to take a bath without giving you a problem.