Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wee Bits Wednesdays

I decided to begin participating in Leigh Ashley's Wee Bit of Me Wednesdays!

{one} what is one food that, as an adult you love, but as a child you said you’d never touch?
hmmmm ..... baked beans! I had a babysitter who literally would force me to eat baked beans or I would have to sit at the table until I fell asleep. It was awful. I hated them. Now they are mmmmm  mmmm good.

{two} did you go to college? if yes, what was your major?
I did go to college. I went to Pennsylvania State University. I loved it. I loved the football team and my friends and the entire town. I started off with an undecided major and then decided I was interested in psychology. I then also added a concentration and minor in Business focusing on Industrial Psychology. I am now working in Human Resources and love it.

{three} what’s the most wild animal you’ve seen in real life (not counting the zoo)?
In real life ... not counting the zoo .... it would have to be a 4 foot Wild Turkey right in my driveway. It was the FREAKIEST thing. I had heard *gobble gobble* all morning while I was getting ready and my husband repeatedly told me that I am crazy. We went to leave to go to work and as I opened the garage door, I saw something move. It was a HUGE turkey that was just HUGE! hahaha. It ran away as soon as I started to open the garage door.

{four} have you ever been to a fortune teller?
Yes. She told me that Rob and I would be together our entire lives, that I would have 2 boys 3 years apart and that I would be pregnant by the end of 2010. Technically she was right about being pregnant by the end of the year (if you go by my last menstrual period) so we will see about the two boys. I want to go back and ask her when I will get my take home baby. 

{five} can you juggle?
No. Not coordinated in the least.

{six} hardwood floors or carpet?
Hardwood for sure. But my house is half and half. 

{seven} is it called “soda” or “pop”?

{eight} what was your first car?
A 1992 Blue Saturn Stickshift. I loved it.

{nine} what is the most decadent dessert you’ve ever eaten?
Ellie at Cinderellie's Sweets made me a Chocolate Hazelnut cake for my last birthday. O.M.G. it was to die for. I would seriously eat it every week if I wouldn't be the size of a house.

{ten} how often do you rearrange your furniture?
I have changed the furniture a few times since moving in, but I think we are pretty settled now. We were trying to figure out which room should be the living room since we really have two. 

Well that was fun. I hope that you enjoyed learning a wee bit about me!


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Anonymous said...

haha I like your turkey story! My husband would have done the same thing, told me I'm crazy.