Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Recap!

Soooo. We had a really great weekend. 

Saturday was supposed to be the day that we told all of our friends about Maveric so I was really worried about how I would deal... but I am really proud of how I handled it. I even talked about him a little bit and didn't break down crying! 

Here are some pictures of Saturday night at my dear friend Ellie's grand opening extravaganza!

Christiane (my lovely SIL) and Hubs

Clayton and Eric

Jen, Kevin and Beach (Kevin)

Me & My Love

Isn't he cute with Cannoli on his nose!

Clayton and I

And the Hostess to the *mostest* dear Miss Ellie (and her hubs Eric). 

She had this amazing set up (I can't believe I didn't take ONE picture of cupcakes) of desserts, entrees and lots of other things. It was just amaaaaazing. Definitely go to her website to check out some more!

So Saturday was good. It really was wonderful! 

Sunday .... ehhhh ... didn't start off so great. We were preparing to bring my sister our extra Queen size bed on Sunday morning. We had planned this quite a while ago before we even knew we were pregnant (Cindy and her boyfriend had been sleeping on a full size bed). 

However, when Rob emptied our guest room (which would be Maveric's nursery) I just lost it. I honestly couldn't handle the room being empty. I cried for the first time in a week and then Rob hugged me and told me that the nursery would be full some day and I felt better. 

I am getting there folks. 
We are getting there.


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Emily said...

cute blog:) I love it:) So glad you stopped by mine:) It looks like you had a great weekend:)