Monday, April 18, 2011

You aren't going to believe this ...

So ... I was really hopeful that last Friday would be fabulous because all signs pointed to FAB!

However .... at about 3 p.m. on Saturday .... something very very bad happened. VERY bad ... 

An employee at my office went to park her car, and somehow missed the brake and hit the gas ... 

This is what happened:

Yes ladies and gentlemen .... my car is the blue one.  

It USED to be parked in the spot to the left of the Gray car. The driver came behind my car and hit it SO hard that it swerved and landed on top of the gray car.


Now we are just waiting to hear whether or not they are going to total my car. I am driving a rental right now and I just really wish I knew what was going on. My car was SOOO close to paid off ... I can't believe this is happening.

So my Fab Friday didn't end very Fab.

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cokaly said...

EEEEK! insurance? hopefully?