Thursday, March 24, 2011

Naming our Little One

Rob and I have been having a good long talk about what to call our little lost babe. 

During the 6 weeks we had with the baby, Rob and I had started to talk about boy and girl names. I had a feeling that we were having a boy (not sure why - just instinct) and there was one name that we discussed in length. Mostly because Rob thought it would be the 'coolest' name and although it is a nice name, I was not interested in it for my child (at the time). 

We laughed about the name and joked about it and talked about it on several occasions. It was the one name that just keep coming up in discussion. So we have decided to name our first child  .... 

.... drum roll please ....


I feel so much better now that we have named the baby. No more calling the baby 'it' or 'him' or 'bean' but giving him a REAL name. And when I meet my child in heaven, if I find out I am completely wrong and our child is a girl, she will have the toughest, strongest name possible. 

Daddy and I love you baby Maveric. 
We will miss you and cherish you every day of our life.

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AnotherDreamer said...

Many (*hugs*) on the loss of your Maveric.

I found naming mine to be helpful during mourning, it gave me something to hold on to.