Monday, January 24, 2011

Boring Chicken ... I say NOT!

One of the main staples of my diet is chicken (with some turkey, beef and fish mixed in there)! Chicken can certainly get very boring. Soooo ... last night I had a pineapple that was close to going bad and I wanted to do something different to my chicken! 

So I melted some butter in my wok, seared the chicken and added the pineapple! 


And then I added some amazing arugula and baby spinach. Mmmmmm.... this was definitely a big hit in my household last night! 

And tonight - we are just relaxing watching t.v. together. My little pup has his first follow up appointment tomorrow morning so we are hoping today will have been the last day he had to wear that awful cone.  I will definitely let you know! 


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