Sunday, January 9, 2011


Another 'resolution' in 2011 is to be more faithful to God. I grew up going to church every weekend, I was in the choir, the youth group, everything. I made some AMAZING friends at that church and really enjoyed all of the moments there. 

When I went to college I didn't really continue regular attendance to church, and never had until we found locally that we started going to. But we have been AWFUL at attending. We go from Month to Month and then stop going for MONTHS!
I really do try my hardest to life life keeping the Lord in mind every moment, but always have plans on the weekends or so MANY things that keep us from making our way to church.

Ok - so enough excuses .... we are seriously going to change this. We went to church today and committed to each other that we would do our absolute best to be there each weekend. We basically committed to EVERY weekend but the ones where we are out of town. I know it might sound so silly to write about something like this on a blog, but it is just so important to me that we be faithful and attend mass that I want to write this in here and look back in months and be able to see - we really have fulfilled this commitment to God and each other. 

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