Monday, January 31, 2011

Picture Day 5 of 30

A picture of (y)our favorite memory
{sorry - but there are 2 more with this story}

He Proposed. I said YES!

It'll be 4 years on 4/1/11 since Hub*star proposed. 
One of the best days of my life.

Our Engagement Story

After we graduated college, I moved to Connecticut where my parents were living and Rob was living in our home state of NJ with his parents. We were both working full time and would take turns visiting each other every other weekend. Long Distance SUCKS!

He came to visit on March 31st (a Saturday afternoon) - he worked Saturdays which made the whole long distance thing even worse. We really only saw each other Saturday night and Sunday. Saturday night he asked me to go out to our favorite Mexican restaurant in CT. After he parked the car we were about 200 feet away when he stopped me and said he forgot something. He went to the car, fiddled around, and then came back. We went to the restaurant and had an amazing dinner, and alllll night I had these butterflies in my stomach. I just knew he was acting a littttle different. 

We finished our meal and Rob asked if I wanted to go for a walk down Main Street. It was a beautiful night. Once we got to the end of Main Street and were about to turn around, he stopped to tie his shoe (I was HOLDING my BREATH! Could this be IT?!)


He took me home and we got ready to go to bed. He slept in the guest room across the hall and I slept in my bedroom.

The next morning (as he did most mornings he stayed with us), he would quietly come into my room and crawl into my bed to cuddle for a little while. After some time passed, he asked me if I could please tell him what time it was. I thought this was odd because 
1) he was closer to the alarm clock
2) I wasn't wearing my glasses

So I made some snarky comment like, "isn't the alarm clock on your side?" and he said, "please - what time is it?" Well ... I lifted my head up to look at the time and all of a sudden see a beautiful small white box sitting on my alarm clock. 

Whoa. Is. Me. 

I gasped and reached for the box. Opened it and saw this ring:

Ummmm. Not. What. I Wanted. 

Now - in my defense, Rob had bought me jewelry in the past. I ALWAYS told him that I wanted white gold or platinum. I am just not a fan of yellow gold on my skin tone. It's just NOT my favorite. 

So .... I opened the box and Rob asked me if I would marry him. Of course I was screaming with glee and said Yes Yes YES! 

Then ... after a few minutes of staring at the ring .... I said, "what made you choose yellow gold?" He COMPLETELY deflected my answer. Like ... kept asking me if I liked it and what I thought and was I happy and blah blah blah <3  So I decided not to push it thinking that maybe he really wanted our wedding rings to be yellow gold or something ... 

I ran downstairs to tell my parents and my sister right away! I was showing my Mom the ring while she was still laying in bed, and my dad came in and took my hand and started toying with the ring. He was tapping it with his finger nail and kept saying "I think it MUST be fake." By this time - Rob had come into the room too and I just looked at my dad and said, "Daddd ... come on!" 


My Husband. 

He's funny. 

He says, "Actually it cost me $5."

"This is your Engagement Ring."

I was just FLOORED. 
It was like he had read my mind. It was {and always will be} the most beautiful symbol I have ever seen.  

We laughed. We cried.

And our lives changed forever. 
{p.s. My dad was in on it}

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Emily @ TheLastWord said...

That's so funny, I think my heart would drop a little if I saw that first ring. Good job keeping it together and not showing him you were disappointed, he was probably testing you lol