Saturday, January 22, 2011

Closer to 30!

My birthday was this past Thursday!

We mostly celebrated with cake and a beautiful dinner last weekend since I started detoxing with my nutrition again on Wednesday. I think it is so interesting because so many people at the office were saying, "O.M.G. you aren't going to have cake on your birthday?!" but I am so past the stage in my life where food is my crutch, and I have to say - that is the thing I am most thankful for on this birthday.  

It all started last September. Rob and I had started talking about expanding our family. I knew that before that to happen, I had to lose weight. I had met with my gynecologist after joining Weight Watchers and a gym, and she told me that I had to lose 50 pounds or else any pregnancy would immediately be considered 'high risk'. She told me that if I walked 2 miles, 5 days a week and followed Weight Watchers, she anticipated the weight would come off in 6 months. 

Of course - after hearing this, I was totally motivated. I walked when it was nice, went to the gym when it wasn't, and followed Weight Watchers religiously. It look nearly a year for me to lose ten pounds.... TENNNN pounds?!

Finally the following August I decided to go back to my regular doctor and discuss options with her. I was going to the gym for 4+ hours a week and eating hardly anything, but the weight would just NOT budge. My doctor told me she had met a woman that morning that came to see her - a nutritionist with a comprehensive (and natural) approach to weight loss.

My first appointment was in September 2010 - I wasn't getting my periods, was obese and just downright exhausted. 

Today, a little over 4 months later, I am 48 pounds down (total), getting regular periods, and have SO much more energy. My mood is so much more stable - it's amaaaazing how b*tchy I would get when I was hungry!

This birthday is truly .... a happy one. 

My Sister, My God*parents, and I last Summer after losing ten pounds on Weight Watchers. 

This was during October. I had lost approximately 25 pounds

We went to Las Vegas in November for our 3rd Anniversary and I was down 43 pounds total at this point. I just can't believe that it's the same person as last year! 

Outside of the Lion Habitat at our hotel, The Mirage!

Outside of Cirque Du Soleil. We didn't get to see it (tickets are SO expensive) but Rob's sister is OBSESSED with the show and so we had to take a picture in front of it!

And this last picture was from New Year's Eve, I know that you can't see much of me - I don't have many 'after' photos because I am still working hard to get my weight down - but you can see in my face that it's still coming off. I was down 45 in this picture. 

As I continue to lose weight and enjoy this new life I have made, I will be sure to share with you some of my favorite recipes and meals.  

No more of that processed stuff and NO GLUTEN. I NEVER knew that I had an intolerance to Gluten, until I saw the effects that removing Gluten from my diet had on my weight and health. I am just amazed at how good God is and how healthy I feel!



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Sweta said...

inspiring! :)good luck with feeling great and expanding your family.You have a beautiful one :)
On from 20sb.Love your blog :)

Emily @ TheLastWord said...

Wow, amazing! You look great! I'd love to know about the advice your nutritionist gave you. Keep up the awesome work, I'm following you for inspiration!