Sunday, January 16, 2011

Photography 101

I <3 taking pictures. 

I have a Canon Powershot S3 IS that I have had for years and never really figured out how to us to it's fullest. I pretty much always left it on Auto and would just take pretty pictures with it.  This past week I started trying to read up on aperture, ISO, and Shutter Speed to try to make my pictures even better. 

Although I have stayed in all weekend caring for my recovering pup, I still found some more opportunities to take pictures. Here are some I am happy to share!

Haha. One eye open. 

A bit blurry ... but I <3 it.

He <3s sleeping in the sun.

Too much light? maybe ...

My Boys

Sleepy Time

Does anyone have any websites or books they would recommend to learn how to take advantage of everything your camera has to offer? 


Emily said...

soo cute:)

Ashley said...

Just wanted to say your dog is adorable!

As for the camera - no suggestions other than to try out the different modes with it. I didn't find anything useful when I tried searching for mine and ended up just taking somewhat simple pictures, but editing them to my liking.


Amie said...

very cute dog!!
is a great website :]


connally said...

lovely photos and adorable puppy♥

and i rather like that you made your own header. boring old text ones just drive me nutters:)

kristin said...

I love how your doggy sits there while you take pictures. He (or she?) is like, okay I'll do some modeling while you test the camera!