Saturday, January 15, 2011


Today is day 2 after Guiness' surgery. He is definitely a solid mess right now. He is currently laying next to me on the couch giving me a maloik.

A maloik is basically an 'evil eye' for anyone that is not familiar with this term. This is one of our favorite words within my family. 

He is tired of my camera. I am one of those 'puppy moms' that took pictures of him growing up and has documented his homecoming from each of his four surgeries. He is probably just 'over it' today with feeling like crap and everything. 

Here are some pictures of our lazy Saturday giving our puppy some royal attention! 

Rob coming home from the Gym

My weekend hair*do

Guiness' fav spot. He is missing 1/2 his hair so he is always covered in blankets now.

My silly Boy!


Emily @ TheLastWord said...

Hey! Found you on 20SB. Looks like we're both 26, married, living in the northeast and obsessed with our dogs. Following :)

Chelle & My boys said...

Beautiful dogs.. hope everything goes well! Hope you had a great weekend