Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekday Recap {In BBerry Pictures}

I am a follower of Amy at

and she does this great thing every week where she recaps what she did using pictures from her iPhone. Now I don't have an iPhone, but I do have a Bberry and I tried to take a bunch of pictures this week. It wasn't a very exciting week - but alas, I will share :) 

Monday: Guiness lounging on the couch with us as usual. T.V. Time!

I was able to go to work late on Tuesday morning because I had to take my little fur*baby to the surgeon for his 2 week check up. He is doing good so far but still quite a mess. She said to keep him in his shirt for the next two weeks and we will meet again. He is so funny about these shirts. I hardly ever make him wear shirts, but after surgeries ... I have to! They calm him down like nothing else. He just doesn't even want to move when he is in them! So I use it. And he hates it.
{P.S. Please don't judge that he is sitting in my lap. We have gone through 4 knee surgeries and my dog just kicks and digs when I put him in his travel crate ... we can't let him do that anymore. Believe me - I have tried everything else}

Wednesday was the night that the snowstorm came to the NorthEast. We were watching t.v. in bed and let Guiness eat his pig ear while we were getting ready. He would NOT stop with the Pig Ear and when we took it away, he tried to run after it {thankfully - still leashed to the bed} well - we ended up having to take away the Pig Ear and put him in his crate so that he would go to sleep and let us sleep without hearing his crunching all night. Poor dude.

Thursday: SNOW! While I wish that I could tell you I had a snow day ... we did not. Guiness was so excited about all the snow. It is so funny how he just comes outside and has to climb on the snowbanks! Rob calls him our furry moutain goat in the Winter. He just LOVES it. {of course we don't let him do this after surgery}

Friday: Loooong Day! I worked late and then my mom needed me to go to Wegman's with her for some items that she needs as she started working with my nutritionist today! She is on a very different plan and needed different foods, so she had to go some different things. We let Guiness walk around shirtless for a little while and then my mom and I went to making what we call her 'witches brew'. It's this broth made of all these crazy veggies: White radish, parsnips, kale, celery, carrots, onion, garlic, cabbage, and SEAWEED. 

I didn't take any pictures of the pots with my cell so I will have to post all about it later :) I took a few pictures this week with my camera and I want to share.

My friend Anna posted about her 2011 goals and included a book about photography for her Canon Rebel. I don't have a Canon Rebel but I have a really awesome Canon Powershot (at least I like it) and I thought that before I go buying a DSLR I would have to learn to use - why not learn to use this one! So I bought a similar book - one for my Canon Powershot! Thanks Anna*Belle!

Hope everyone had a great week! Don't forget to Link Up with Amy to do your weekday recap


TryItMom said...

OMG Your pup looks just like my parent's dog, Chip!
Here is a pic I found of him on line so you can see :)

C said...

This is an awesome idea. Maybe I'll give it a whirl. :-)